Gamma-Butyrolactone for sale


γ-Butyrolactone is a hygroscopic colorless, water-miscible liquid with a weak characteristic odor. Gamma-Butyrolactone for sale

Above all GBL has a wide range of practical applications because of its low freezing point, high boiling point, and a unique combination of solvent and electrical properties.

However it has applications as a solvent for special resins, in photography, in batteries, and so as an electrolyte. Also a number of derivatives are synthesized from GBL.

  • CAS: No. 96-48-0 (T)
  • EINECS: No. 202-509-5
  • Japan Chemical Substances Control Law: METI-No. 5-3337
  • Japan, Industrial Safety and also Health Law: No. 5-3337
  • Japan, Poisonous and also Deleterious Substances Control Law: Not applicable.
  • Japan, Fire Services Law: Hazardous material Class 4 Petroleums No.3 (water-soluble liquid).Aprotic, polar solvent.

Applications Gamma-Butyrolactone for sale

1) Solvent Applications

  • Solvent
    Used as a solvent for photosensitive resins and also for special inks.Gamma-Butyrolactone for sale
  • Photography
    Used for dispersion and finishing agents.
  • Electrical
    Used as the electrolyte solvent for capacitors and for lithium batteries.
  • Casting Binder

2) Raw Material for Synthesis Applications

However used as a raw material for the solvents listed below.

  • 2-Pyrrolidone (2P)
    2P is a raw material for pharmaceutical intermediates, nylon-4, NMP, as well as a floor polish agent.
  • N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP)
    NMP is use for aromatic and also butadiene hydrocarbon extraction, polyamide/polyimide varnish solvent, as well as semiconductor and color filter photoresist solvent, etc.
  • N-Vinyl-2-pyrrolidone (NVP)
    NVP is a raw material for PVP.  It’s also used as a stripping agent and a petroleum additive.
  • Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)
    PVP is used for cosmetics (hair spray and lotion thickening agent), medical products (tablet binder, plasma substitute, mouthwash), industrial applications (suspension stabilizer for colloidal suspension polymerization, dyeing agent, hardening oil viscosity modifier, adhesive thickening agent), and food (beer / wine clarification agent).
  • Other
    There are many other applications such as methionine, etc.
Storage and Handling

Similarly GBL is classified under the Japanese Fire Services Act as a hazardous material, Class 4, Petroleums No.3 (4,000 liter quantity specified), water-soluble, Hazardous Rank III.
Since GBL is hygroscopic, if moisture content is to be controlled, Therefore it is important to keep storage containers tightly closed or under a dry nitrogen atmosphere. so when handling,  protective equipment such as protective gloves and goggles should be worn.


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